Beyond my comfort zone

Beyond my comfort zone.  Risk is about expanding courage.  Risk can expand resilience.  Welcome to my latest risk.

"A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for".  Albert Einstein

I have never considered sharing my ideas or experiences outside of my consultation room until graduate school began to flex my thinking and writing muscles.  Most recently, my dear friend and MRT Battle Buddy Paula Davis-Laack asked me to write for her website and even called me a "Relationship Expert".  Both notions were way past my comfort zone.  Well, I've been in the zone now for a while, and I'm OK.

So, why not capitalize on my new found courage to come out of the comfort zone again?  I've got ideas, thoughts, theories, strategies and plenty of experience that clients have found helpful in their therapy, so I am going to share that good stuff with you all here:  welcome to my blog that is one step out of the consultation room and another step out of comfort zone yet again.

Several years ago, I adopted a two-word phrase that I believed captured my goal as a private practitioner wanting to integrate positive psychology with traditional psychotherapy.  As a psychotherapist, the clients that walked into my consultation room were facing some sort of challenge in their life and my goal was to assist them to get better at dealing with that challenge.

I realized after attaining my Master's Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania that I could do better for my clients.  The phrase Beyond Better was an affirmation to get myself and others thinking that it wasn't just about recovering from a challenge or adversity but actually growing and thriving through it.  Better wasn't good enough:  you have to think beyond better.

So for those interested in hearing more about moving yourself, your connections and your well-being Beyond just Better to something greater than you could have imagined:  watch this space and thanks for reading.