Philosophy of Treatment

Your unique strengths can be leveraged to assist the therapeutic process and inform an individualized treatment plan. Lorrie’s goal is to work in partnership with you to co-construct a strategy to achieve meaningful and lasting change that will empower you to live your best life.

The process includes understanding the factors that have contributed to the problem, developing personal insight and learning skills to resolve issues.  The goal is not just problem resolution but providing long lasting benefits and personal growth.

There are many types of therapy, and the research indicates that the effectiveness of any therapy depends on the client and the conditions.   Therefore, Lorrie’s treatment approach is eclectic and integrative.  She is experienced in a wide range of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral, insight-oriented, interpersonal, humanistic, attachment and family systems therapy.  There is always a unique combination of problems and concerns that bring a client to therapy, and therefore each person receives an individualized treatment plan.

Lorrie is the only person in Bermuda to hold a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP).  The goal of traditional psychotherapy is to eliminate suffering and get a person back to “normal,” and the goal of positive psychology is to get a person from “normal” to “thriving.” Traditional and positive psychotherapy interventions are compatible if used appropriately.  After studying at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Martin Seligman and other distinguished leaders on the field of Positive Psychology, Lorrie incorporated the science of well-being into her best psychotherapeutic practices to create a unique, amalgam approach to therapy.

Research also shows the therapeutic relationship is much more important to the outcome of therapy than any specific treatment or theory.  Lorrie is a perceptive, sensitive, intuitive, and engaging clinician who endeavors to create a therapeutic connection which fosters a safe and trusting relationship.  The word “synergy” captures the energy that a good therapeutic connection builds:  one that is unique and creates something that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Lorrie’s wide range of experience, training, and wisdom help you to acquire insight, clarification, motivation and tools to reach your goals.  As a team, therapy becomes a cooperative and elevating journey.


Lorrie is dedicated to providing the best therapy and consulting services for adolescents, adults, couples and families. She is committed to providing a confidential, compassionate, safe and supportive experience in order to identify issues, explore possibilities, change patterns, and thrive.    

It takes courage and strength to seek help, and it is normal to feel uncertain or overwhelmed about where to begin the process of change. Lorrie is adept at clarifying and assessing your needs, considering your unique strengths and challenges and developing a plan to meet your goals. She has a deep and profound commitment to help you to achieve meaningful and lasting changes that empower you to heal, grow and live your best life.

Lorrie is also dedicated to providing educational opportunities on a variety of topics in order to “raise the bar on well-being" in the community.  Seminars include practical and simple tools based on empirical research that can transform relationships, build resilience and improve well-being. Topics and content can be tailored to a range of audiences.


Lorrie enjoys time at home with her husband, son and three dogs. Bill, her partner for over 27 years, is a great cook and creative home engineer. Liam, their 23-year-old son, is a source of tremendous pride and currently studying medicine in the U.K. Bella and Buster have produced several litters of puppies that have contribute to the well-being of several families in Bermuda.

The Penistons love to savor the beauty of the island by boating, snorkeling, fishing and walking the Railway Trail. They also enjoy trivia, cards, games, golfing and gardening.  Lorrie is an avid swimmer. She also designs and makes jewelry.

Raising the bar on well-being